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Madison Elementary

Preparing Students for a Global Future

Madison Elementary

Preparing Students for a Global Future
IF Madison is your homeschool:

IF Madison is your homeschool:

Before you begin the online enrollment process, you will need to have the following documents ready with you:
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Record of ALL Immunizations
    • Click HERE to see a list of immunizations needed (Spanish)
    • Your child MUST have ALL the immunizations BEFORE enrolling
  • Current Proof of Address
    • MUST be from the last 30 days
    • MUST have the parent's name on it
    • We ONLY accept utility bills, paycheck stubs, rental agreements or mail from a government agency
    • If you do not have one of these proof of adresses in your name or have any questions about this requirement, please contact our office at (916) 566-1900 BEFORE enrolling your child
  • Once you have ALL these documents ready, you will need to go to the online enrollment page to enroll your child...just click HERE!
IF Madison is not your homeschool:

IF Madison is not your homeschool:

You may still be able to enroll. If you live within Twin Rivers Unified School District, you MUST complete an Intradistrict Open Enrollment Transfer
  • The transfer is based on space
  • The transfer MUST be submitted BEFORE March 13th
  • Remember, you MUST provide your own transportation
  • Click HERE for details
If you live in another school district and you would like your child to attend Madison Elementary, you MUST complete an Interdistrict Transfer BEFORE enrolling at Madison Elementary
  • You MUST request an Interdistrict Transfer from your home district
  • Your home district must approve a transfer BEFORE you attend our school
 English/Spanish Dual Language 

 English/Spanish Dual Language 

If you want to enroll your child in our English/Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program, you MUST contact our office manager, Iskally Huerta, AS SOON AS YOU HAVE COMPLETED the online enrollment process. 
Si desea inscribir a su hijo en nuestro Programa de inmersión en dos idiomas en inglés / español, DEBE comunicarse con nuestra gerente de oficina, Lala Perez, TAN PRONTO COMO HAYA COMPLETADO el proceso de inscripción en línea.
Iskally Huerta
Office Manger
(916) 566-1900 ext. 22558